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Hardy Walker Burke, Founder
Hardy Walker Burke, Founder
In 1902 Mr. Hardy Walker Burke came to this community.  He found no Missionary Baptist church in the area, so he began to pray for the Lord to establish a house of worship here.  He enlisted others of equal faith and dedication to assist him.  When the Bulloch County Association convened, he took the matter up with them.
While looking for a location, and members to build a church, Mr. Burke had come upon some graves in the woods near the Mitchell School house.  He visited Mr. and Mrs. Henry Parrish at Rica to tell them of his desire to build a church near the site where her parents and brother were buried.  Her parents were Allen D. Lawrence and Sarah M. Lawrence.  They were the first to be buried in the cemetery.  The church would be named in their honor.  This was in 1911 when Lawrence Baptist Church was organized near the present site with 13 charter members.


Lawrence Baptist Church Original building, 1915
Lawrence Baptist Church,
 Original building
Lawrence Baptist Church after 80 years of updates and renovations
Lawrence Baptist Church
after 80 years of updates and renovations
Over the next eighty years, Lawrence Baptist continued to grow. The old building was bricked in, and a social hall, Sunday School rooms, and stained glass windows were installed.  We also added a public address system, choir loft, pastor’s office, and youth hall.    
On July 24, 2006, during a thunder storm, lightning struck the steeple on the church, setting the roof, and ultimately, the building on fire.  Even though the many firefighters worked diligently, they were not able to save the sanctuary and Sunday School rooms.  The pastor’s office and youth building were also declared a loss.  Thanks to God’s mercy, the fellowship hall was spared with only minor damage.
We watched our church rise from the ashes, and on Sunday, April 22, 2007, we held our first worship service in our new sanctuary.  God has blessed us with a bigger and more wonderful building where we can come together and worship Him.  We give Him all the praise, honor and glory!
after fire
Lawrence Baptist Church
J.B. Dixon, 1911-1913
A.R. Richardson, 1913-1915
S.A. McDaniel, 1915-1920
B.F. Hogan, 1921-1924
R.E. Lee, 1924-1928
P.I.P. Edenfield, 1928-1934
Arthur Harrison, 1934-1936
Wm. Kitchens, Sr., 1936-1938
Dorsey Horton, 1938-1939
W.B. Hoats, 1939-1941
P.W. Stewart, 1941-1944
O. Hutcherson, 1945-1946
Raymond Chauncey, 1946-1947
E.P. Sanders, 1947-1948
J. Frank Kirkland, 1948-1949
R. Bennett Bullard, 1950-1951
R.l. Moore. 1951-1953
D.l. Davis, 1953-1955
J.R. Daniel, 1956-1958
Aulbert K. Allen, 1958-1959
Curtis W. Edwards, 1960-1961
James S. Mcarn, 1961-1962
John R. Joyner, 1963-1983
Joe Kyser, 1983-1985
J. Dan Joyner, 1985-1992
Bill Brown, 1992-1993
Albert Hodges, 1993 – Present