Here at Lawrence Baptist Church, we believe that music is a gift from God and serves in addition
to strong Biblical principals present in every Ministry that Lawrence offers.  It is through the
words of each song and through the melodies, chords, and rhythms that God can touch each heart
and prepare each soul for the Word preached and taught during the sermons.  It is always an exciting time to come together and worship and to increase our knowledge of God’s Holy Word.
The Lawrence Church Choir is an exciting opportunity for those who love to share in a ministry
where the word is made alive in music.  We rehearse on Sunday evenings immediately following
the 6:00 worship service.  If you have a passion to sing a wide range of musical genres
including traditional Gospel, Hymns, Contemporary, Classic Choral works, and Southern Gospel,
please feel free to contact Pastor Albert Hodges or a chorus member to attain more information.
We would love to have you come join us.
To Listen to some of our “Special Singing” during our Worship Service,
just click on the image below. A new page will open so you will be able to
click on the video that you would like to listen to.
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